Texting Package 1

• Up to 4 Packages can be sold per
Month due to 4 text a month restriction
• Selling Price $.25 per text
• Text Coupon to 1000 Subscribers
• Create A Mobile Coupon To Present
To Business for Discount
• Coupon usage limitation can be implemented
• Tracking Phone Number On Coupon

Texting Package 2

• Create Own Texting Campaign
• Design a 10 x20inch Display sign
requesting customers to Text
a Keyword to be included in business list
• Create A Self Sign-up Kiosk Web page
to enter Name Phone Number and Email
• Min 3 Tablets to be placed or mounted on tables
• Train Staff On how to use system
• Send Out 4 Campaigns a month
• Tracking Phone Numbers Placed On Coupons